How I can  reserve the kitten ?

You can connect us by phone , text or social media to reserve the kitten. You can also do it online on our website https://kotsunkittensus.com. There is a form you will need to fill out (after you add kitten to the cart) . After you fill it out, we will contact you and send payment instructions. If you live in Los Angeles you have an option to reserve kitten on the website and pay balance upon you’ll pick up the kitten. 

When should I pay the rest money for my kitten ?

If you want to pay online or if you live outside of Los Angeles area and need cargo shipping the full payment should be done in 7-10 days before shipping. If you live in Los Angeles, you can pay the rest cash upon the kitten arrival. This option charges 80$ sales tax fee.  

What’s included to the price of the kitten? 

The price you see on the website includes shipping to LAX including all the airport fees & vet documents. Priced as a pet (without breeding rights) .

If you want the kitten to be sprayed/neutered we can do that as well but it is not included and not possible for all the kittens. Some of the kittens are required to be neutered by the breeder and it’s included to the price of munchkins.

Can I buy the kitten with breeding rights? 

Yes we can provide breeding rights for any breed-show quality kitten for extra fees. We can help you choose the right pair if you would like (It can be with and without inbreeding).
Most of the kittens are not neutered/spayed before you get them, so you can buy and later decide if you want to have the breeding rights. The option is yours!

When is my kitten is ready to move ? 

Our breeder team is located in Europe. All of the kittens should be fully vaccinated (PCH 2 times + rabies vaccine ) , dewormed 2 times , litter box  trained and fully socialized before they come to USA. The earliest age the kitten can leave breeder home is 16+/- weeks
and should weight enough for it’s safety. We will update you with videos every 2 weeks before the kitten comes home to you. If you chose a kitten that is ready to move we ship it ASAP for you. Usually it takes around 2+/- weeks after you purchased the kitten.

Can I pay the deposit for kitten after I see it? 

We have kittens locally available. These kittens have a sign “Located in Los Angeles”. You can come to see and buy it without paying any deposit upfront. Any other kittens without this sign required deposit to reserve it.

Where can I see video of the kitten and pictures of mom and dad? Recent pictures? 

Pictures on the website are usually updated. You can contact and let us know names / send screenshots of kittens you interested in and we will send you everything about your favorite kittens 🙂 

How will I pick up the kitten in airport myself? 

The process is very simple. All customs stuff will be cleared by our customs broker. You will only need to go in the airline office at certain date and time. We will provide you the address and all other information in a day before shipping. Kittens  are NOT getting quarantined upon arrival. They are available to pick up in 2 hours after the flight arrived.

How door to doorstep shipping works ? 

How does doorstep shipping work?
We can drive the kitten to your home address if requested. The price depends where are you located. If you live 100-200 miles from Los Angeles, fees can vary from 150-300$.
If you live more far or in another state price of ground shipping can vary from 450$ to 950$.

Are you a breeder?

Yes.  Started from 2012 year. You can find more information about kotsun kittens history in the “OUR STORY” page. 

Can deposit be refundable/ transferred to another kitten ? 

Sorry , but we can’t  refund or transfer the deposit to another kitten. You need to decide for sure which one do you want to adopt before you reserve. Deposit keeps the kitten reserved for you and takes the sale of kitten offline and others can’t see.

What payment methods do you accept?

Depends what kitten do you choose and where will we need to ship it – we can accept WU/MG/ bank transfer payment. Also it’s possible to send Venmo/Cash App/Zelle. We accept cash for local kittens / for balance upon arrival . We don’t accept PayPal or personal checks. 

What kind of litter box and food should I buy for my kitten? 

For each kitten it’s individual so better to ask us before to buy all the stuff. 

How can I be sure Kotsun Kittens is legal?

You can research about Kotsun Kittens online in google  and it’s hundreds of reviews you can find in ❤️Kotsun Kittens family❤️ Facebook group. Most of our buyers will not mind to give you a referral. We will be happy to see your future feedback too!